The Pyrenees , Nature and Biodiversity Reservoir

By far, the Pyrenees landscapes are made of gorgeous peaks, mountain pastures, forests; those who are familiar with the scenery know well that these areas are also habitats for flora and fauna of a great diversity. The geological and bioclimatic range of the Pyrenees is particularly favourable to this natural wealth.

Emblematic species of the Pyrenees like grouse, deer, bear, are well known to the general public. But there are hundreds of species of insects, birds, small mammals to which Pyrenean forests give home: an « ordinary » biodiversity involved in the magic of the place.

Fungi, insects, root systems, soil composition, carbon storage and water supply: forests are changing ecosystems, and symbioses between these worlds offer endless reserve discoveries. The Pyrenees National Park, the Conservatoire National Botanique des Pyrénées and Midi Pyrenees, local authorities, skilled and professional public bodies are in charge of the protection and permanent monitoring of such national heritage.