Our Values

The forest is our environment. Respect the wood, preserving the balance, you may be a member and share our values without by respecting nature as the Beech Company promotes simple green values ​​ ​that dictate common sense behavior.

For the Company of beech, the forest is a « common heritage ». That is what it has always been for village communities. Today municipalities, the state, forest owners and respect this principle.

They ensure sustainable forest management taking into account the value of these natural areas, valuable for their rich biodiversity, refuges for wildlife protection areas for water quality.

The forest management carried out by the NFB in public forests and private forest management plans ensure for each parcel the conditions necessary so that the forest continues to provide its ecological and sustainable functions.

Whoever loves the forest knows the value of timber. In the mountains trees grow slowly.

The Beech Company has always been engaged in valuing wood by letting wood into your homes, where it continues to store carbon respecting respects your living environment.

Manufacturing solid wood products also means avoiding the use of more complex materials which might turn less environmentally friendly.

The partners of the Beech Company transform wood in work sites as closes as possible to the forests, and sell these products directly obeying to a « short circuit » principle. Hence, the Company of Beech also limits transportation.

Such manufacturing activities support and reinforce the local economy by allowing professionals to work wood with no risk of relocation.

By buying the furniture of the Company Beech, you help maintain this mountain economy.